„Our Niche-Mall provides entrepreneurs with a home online.“

Swisscommerce establishes  and buys eCommerce companies in niche markets. Our focus lies on the hidden and less explored market segments that offer the opportunity to gain market leadership over a period of time.  SwissCommerce developed its own business model called CCC (Content, Community, Commerce as the base platform for each niche community online shop.

A founder can use the SwissCommerce platform to “be online” within 90 days. Beside founding and building our eCommerce Shops, we search for existing eCommerce Shops in niche markets, which have a desire to grow faster and become more profitable. Our platform provides entrepreneurs with a home online.

Founders can profit from wide ranging infrastructure such as 2 logistic centres in Germany and Switzerland, an IT platform and a professional online marketing team. Each person is also entitled to leverage the experiences of other shop owners. Swisscommerce takes over all of the processes and administration that usually inhibits the growth of small companies. The founder is given the freedom to focus his or her energy on creating more value for clients.

In each niche market, SwissCommerce will gain Traffic-Gorilla status, which means the biggest eCommerce player, the biggest community and the best content.

The creation of emotional content and active involvement in the community has facilitated a customer returning rate of over 60%. This makes our concept so successful:


Our projects


The online-shop for winners!


Reitsport.ch is the leading online-Shop for horse riding equipment in Switzerland. With the biggest facebook community and largest online horse riding magazine, reitsport.ch is an integral part of the Swiss riding community. Furthermore, reitsport.ch offers a marketplace to buy and sell horses.


Thanks to SwissCommerce we were able to satisfy over 5000 happy customers!

-Lilian Meier, Teamleader reitsport.ch


The online-shop for anglers!


Fischen.ch is the leading online-Shop for fishing in Switzerland. Within a short period of time, fischen.ch became the largest facebook community in Switzerland and was able to win well-known ambassadors.

The SwissCommerce Services allow us to focus on what we love, fishing! 

-Matthias Schreier, CEO fischen.ch


The healthy online-shop for dogs


Myluckydog.ch is the healthy online-shop for dogs. The product catalogue was carefully selected by animal doctors and supports dog owners in consciously providing healthy nutrition to their pets. Furthermore, the shop offers a wide range of special dog supplies and care products.

Mit der Unterstützung von SwissCommerce gelang es unserem Team Myluckydog.ch in weniger als 90 Tagen auf die Beine zu stellen!

-Marie Zeh, Geschäftsführerin MyLuckyDog.ch


Der grosse Online Shop für LED Taschenlampen und Outdoor Ausrüstung.


Yonc.ch is the specialist for safety equipment, torches and knives. Security agents, the police and outdoor specialists can profit from the deep knowledge and exclusive assortment. The Yonc Trading AG was acquired and integrated into SwissCommerce in March 2015.

Thanks to SwissCommerce we could easily grow our company faster than ever expected.

-Wai-On Chui, CEO yonc.ch


Bushcraft- und Outdoorshop


Surivival.ch is the first online-shop that focuses only on bushcraft and precaution. By offering tutorials and education, survival.ch is bringing the wilderness to your home.


The Swiss Online-Shop


AlpineClub bringt die Berge und das alpine Lebensgefühl zu Dir nach Hause. Mit ausgewählten hochwertigen Produkten habt Ihr immer ein bisschen Schweiz bei euch!


Alles für Ihre Tiere


Hauptner.ch ist das Traditionsunternehmen in den Bereichen Landwirtschaft, Pferdesport und Jagd&Forst. Am Standort in Dietlikon (ZH) werden mehr als 20.000 verschiedene Artikel gelagert und in die gesamte Schweiz versandt. 

Our Services for your niche


The success of a company largely depends on a strong team. The SwissCommerce team has long years of experience in the buildup of start ups, IT-Projects, strategy and business development. Each employee is competent in his respective field and contributes her or his know how to the benefit of the company.

  • Peter Schüpbach

    Peter Schüpbach

    The Strategist

    I am the strategic head of SwissCommerce. I have founded quite a few companies in my career as an entrepreneur and have helped out as a business angel in even more. It is my passion to create something new and to form sustainable companies together with young and dynamic teams. I am always looking for new business models, technologies or niches to conquer. Aside from the job my hobbys are fly fishing, running, sialing and horseback riding.  

  • Friederike von Waldenfels

    Friederike von Waldenfels

    The juggler

    I am the juggler and the CEO of SwissCommerce. I am always on the hunt for new niche markets and entrepreneurs, who would like to build up a new traffic gorilla. I am responsible for the start and implementation of new shops. The team and having fun at work is very important to me. By standardizing all processes and the organization, I provide the Gorilla house with the necessary rhythm and structure it requires.  I am a passionate skier, I love to travel and I always search for new niches.


  • Anto Ilicevic

    Anto Ilicevic

    The Online Marketeer

    I am the online marketeer and I am responsible for online marketing. I am always grinding to optimize conversions and to squeeze out the maximum out of each venture. I am very passionate about optimizing the shops and introducing my ideas for sustainable strategies to the ventures. I am always looking for the latest tools to let our shops stay ahead of the competition. When I am not working you can find me on or next to a football field.

  • Tobias Lang

    Tobias Lang

    The IT Magician

    I am the IT magician and I am responsible for the planning, coordination and implementation of the IT-systems. The complexity and diversity of these projects always never makes any day a boring. Solving problems and bugs is my motivation. I have a faible for everything out of the ordinary and I am intersted in music, art and nature.

  • Mirko Körber

    Mirko Körber

    The virtual picasso

    I am the virtual picasso and I take care of the graphics and design at SwissCommerce. My goals is to give fascinating projects a new face and a distinctive character through conception, color and form. I am always searching for new design trends and technical innovations to combine. SwissCommerce allows me to visualize my passion for the beauty of things through innovatinve projects.

  • David Frei

    David Frei

    The Booster

    I am the Booster and responsible for the quick and sustainable growth of our ventures after their successful start. The challange within this is to pay attention to the details of each niche while guaranteeing the scalability.I support the ventures in their strategic direction and help them to optimize their running processes. In my spare time I play floorball and enjoy the time with my family.

  • Alex Trampisch

    Alex Trampisch

    The Process-Entertainer

    As the head of SwissCommerce in Germany I'm always looking for interesting founder-personalities, niches and online-shops, that like to develop together with us.


  • Our Values

    Our Values

    In the Gorilla-House we live our values!

    -Freude im Gorillahaus -Mutig einen Schritt voraus
    -Das Ziel vor Augen -Wir sind die Pros!
    -Ehrlich und Transparent  -Typisch Gorilla 




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